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In the name of God, peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of God, his family and companions, and from his family, and after

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General Clarification

Main Screen

Live Upgrade

The Live Upgrade button is located to the far left of the top buttons, by clicking on it opens the Upgrade screen

This symbol means that there are this number of new books, by reference to the symbol you find a hint of the first 10 of them (chronological), (and by clicking on the button you will go to the live upgrade screen, in all cases)

This icon (the presence of a green checkmark) means that all books have been downloaded and there are no new books on the site , as well as displaying a green PDF icon means that there are no new PDF books

You can do 3 important jobs

maktaba shamela control panel image


Open - Read and Create .bok Files

.bok file is actually a Microsoft Access .mdb files renamed to .bok files. Rename them to .mdb and open with this ( Download ) software. You can also create your own .bok files using the same format. I will add the detail later. ( S Meer )
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